Karen & Doug, Positano

“I’ve been struggling for the past several weeks to find a way to properly thank the incredible woman who played such an important role in the most important day of my life. I thought that perhaps providing her a glowing recommendation here will allow others searching for a Celebrant on the Amalfi Coast to see how exceptional she is. I was first given Rosa’s name by the reservations manager at our villa in Positano. I wasn’t able to contact her with the information he had provided but did not give up the search. Our Wedding Coordinator, Linda Gatto, was able to connect me to Rosa and I’m truly thankful that she did. We had a lot of time between our engagement to the actual ceremony to plan everything perfectly for an experience that would be memorable for both Doug and I and our family. With everything planned out well in advance, one very important thing, detailing the spoken wedding ceremony and vows, was not exactly one of my strengths or my then fiancé’s. I emailed Rosa who was very fast to respond with a multitude of sample poems and other readings that could be used to personalize our ceremony. I am very passionate about personalizing everything, so I appreciated her experience, guidance and expertise that Doug and I used to detail out our perfect wedding ceremony and custom vows. I invited Rosa to our welcome/rehearsal dinner the evening before our wedding, which she graciously accepted. It was at that time that we realized what a special woman she is. She is without any doubt passionate about her career as a Celebrant and her home in the picturesque town of Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. She is a ray of sunshine bright enough to light up any gloomy day. Thankfully we had perfect weather on our special day and didn’t need to tap into her stored energy and sunshine, but I’m sure it would have been enough. On our wedding day, she immediately put Doug and I at ease and made us comfortable, even laugh during the introduction alone. She truly made it special with her warmth, enthusiasm and joy of celebrating our day with us. After the ceremony, Doug mentioned how significant her role was in having such a special, memorable and beautiful ceremony. Rosa, we are truly thankful to you for being a part of our union in marriage. You will forever have a very special place in our hearts. I hope others read this recommendation and know that you will make their wedding as special as you did ours. Grazie mille! “